Tyndall – In Loving Memory

Today would have been our baby girl, Tyndall’s, 10th birthday. We lost her way too soon (August 29, 2010) due to the emergency veterinary clinic in Parker; hence why we no longer utilize them. When you are a breeder and you telephone an ER to tell them your Great Dane has bloated and possibly torsioned, the ER should know this is a potentially critical scenario which only has time against the patient. We miss our baby girl (Glacier Princess Tyndall V Zarlin).

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Rio Takes a Group 4 in Pueblo!

Our baby boy, Rio won Best of Breed and then a Group 4 on November 7, 2014 at the Southern Colorado Cluster in Pueblo, Colorado! He went on and won Select Dog both November 8 and 9, and Best of Opposite on November 10.

Southern Colorado Cluster, November 7, 2014 – Best of Breed and Group 1

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Happy 5th Birthday, Diva!!!

On November 5, 2014, we celebrated our baby girl, Diva’s fifth birthday. She has an infectious personality as her rudder (aka tail) is always moving propelling her through life! We love this sweet girl. She has produced some beautiful puppies, too, some of which have their own page on our website right now: Scout, Rio, Henry, and Ryder.

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AJ – We Miss you

Four years ago today, we lost our very first boy, AJ. (Aaron’s First Prize Hudson). We miss you and loved you a lot mister. 12/14/2001 – 11/4/2010

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Molly (formerly known as “Sky”) has moved to Texas

We bred our bitch, Diva, and dog, Breck, together for a repeat breeding from 2+ years ago and resulted with a singleton mantle bitch which we named “Sky” and the new owner changed her name to “Molly.” She was born July 15, 2014. We will co-own her with a woman who lives in Texas. The woman is scheduled to arrive October 2 and will stay the night. Then the two will start their new adventure together by heading back to Texas. We will definitely miss her as she has the crazy spunk of her mother! Here are a few photos from September 28, 2014.

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Scout Is Now a Mommy!

Scout was bred to Fender and the litter of six was whelped September 11, 2014. Please visit our Facebook page (Glacier Danes) for puppy photos.

We apologize for not having our website updated as the computer we were using to upload photos to our website crashed so we are working on getting our other computer updated, upgraded, and the software installed on it. Please bear with us. If you have questions, please email (glacierdanes@gmail.com) or call us at 303-805-7014. Thank you.

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From left to right: Ch. Glacier’s A Toast V Dublin W A Freckle (Breck); Ch. Glacier’s Smooth Smirnoff Ice (Ice); Glacier’s Super Trouper (Trouper); Ch. GMJ’s Tallier Stacks the Deck (Tally); Morningstar’s Divine Inspiration v Glacier (Diva); Ch. DTVS Regina’s Ala AJ of Glacier Danes (Reggie). Humans: Brian Seiber and Loren Bengston

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1st and 2nd at 2012 Nationals!

Tally took 2nd in her class and Scout took 1st in her class at the 2012 Great Dane Nationals held October 22-27 in Topeka Kansas.

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We Miss You, Olympia

Photo taken May 6, 2012

We took in Olympia (Glacier’s Going for the Gold) yesterday (9/9/12) to Animal ER which is connected to our reproductive veterinarian as she was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and was having black discharge which we knew was not good. An x-ray was taken and was confirmed there were six puppies. Unfortunately, not one of them had a heartbeat.

The focus then turned completely to our girl. With a very accelerated heartbeat and breathing, she could not be put under to extract the dead fetuses. Thus, attempts to initiate contractions while awake had to occur. After spending most of the day yesterday fighting for her life, we finally had to make the decision to relieve her of the trauma and stress she was enduring. It was an emotional roller coaster to the end as she fought and she fought hard damn it. We are awaiting results from the reproductive veterinarian. While our hearts ache badly today, we are relieved she is not longer suffering. We miss you precious Olympia.

The staff at the Animal ER in Littleton are to be commended for their heroic attempts to save our little girl. They are phenomenal. Thank you, Dr. Derek Paul who was with her in the beginning and Dr. Kate Long who was with her through the end. Thank you to all the vet technicians who were assisting in making her comfortable.

Olympia’s page.

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Memories from 2 Years Ago in Laramie!

I was looking up Laramie show information to put on here today and the first thing which populated was this video with our dog, Breck, getting Winner’s Dog in Laramie two years ago! I have no clue who shot the footage, but thank you to them for the nice surprise!
2010 Laramie – Breck

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